Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Writing for Me

Okay, I've now got a word counter in my sidebar.  See it--right under the heading Circular Run?  Good, that will help me progress on my personal writing project named--"Circular Run."  Right now I am aiming it at a short story count but it will feature a submarine story from World War II in the Pacific.

Circular run is the moniker given to a torpedo with a gyro failure.  Once fired said torpedo may circle  back around and hit the launching submarine if it is not detected fast enough and the submarine can't maneuver fast enough.  I am trying to inject a sci-fi element, time travel, into the story so that's when I had the epiphany on the story title.

We'll see where it goes...


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not Just A Job...

Ghostwriting, not just a job..... What a ride so far! Started out with a small site offering ghostwriting services in December 2010. No bites.

Today? I've written so many things on so many topics! Most of my writing has been on topics clients from other countries want to populate web sites with. Construction Service, Appliance Repair Services, Heating and Cooling.... Then medicinal marijuana, payday loans, substance abuse and rehabilitation (the topics, not a personal condition!)

Formats? Web pages, articles, blog posts and press releases.....

Adventure? Learning about the different topics of course! Problems have come and gone, but one problem I cannot shake is the pain in the outside palm heel of my left hand.... What was that, Dr Smith? Yes! Ooooohhhh the pain!